Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Croma by Heart & Noble

 The lovely Croma Collection by Heart & Noble display. 

 I absolutely loved these necklaces. 

 Cristina Gabriele, the designer extraordinaire of Heart & Noble.

 "We will have heart / We will be noble"

I have to admit that this was one of the best presentations I attended this season. The amount of detail that went into the presentation was absolutely amazing—the all-white background of the thousands of post-its covering the entire venue (Flat 128) from ceiling to floor paired with the mother-in-law tongue/sansevieria plants next to the cylinder vases were so uniquely placed. It was the perfect combo for the avant-garde Croma collection. I absolutely fell in love with each piece from this collection—especially the necklaces, which reminded me of Shakespeare x the Edwardian era x outer space. It has a familiar vintage shape yet a very futuristic modern look and design. Each piece is phenomenally crafted by Cristina Gabriele, who came from a fine jewelry background, but recently transitioned to these conceptual and uniquely beautiful designs. To learn more about the Croma collection, visit HeartandNoble.com

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