Monday, September 30, 2013


First of all, I really really really miss my old hair...ugh, okay. Moving on... Last Spring, I had the opportunity to work with landscape turned beauty/lifestyle photographer Lester Lau. He is literally one of the nicest people I've met in this city--so quiet and thoughtful, and obviously talented, and just a genuinely nice person. It was the perfect spring morning in the meatpacking district—cool, breezy, sunny, and barely any people around . With the wild fur coat, I think now is the time to finally post (although I'm not against the idea of wearing fur all year round--it shows character). In the first couple of photos, I'm wearing an early 90's maxi dress, then a sweater from Forever 21, and of course a massive faux fur coat from Zara—all paired with vintage jewelry. Ladies... and gents, time to bring your furs out! Fall has begun.

Check out more of Lester's work here: 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Goodbye Summer...

That's right...summer is over and we're having a SALE! Visit today & get 35% off + FREE shipping as usual (for domestic orders). 
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Photo by: Jamil Smith Photography
Model: Yaa Opare

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

After Labor Day...

White Shoes after Labor Day

Monki oversized jumper sweater $40, Rag & Bone loose jeans, Accessorize chunky scarve, H&M hat $24, Bum-Cake Vintage Loafers

Sooooo it's after Labor Day and many people still question whether it's okay to wear white shoes or not. Well, in all honesty, whether it's accepted by the masses or not, I think it works. Wear whatever you want as long as you do it with your own personal style that suits you and of course, with confidence. Confidence is key when you're making a bold move (something swaying from the norm). Above is a clear example of an acceptable way to wear white shoes after Labor Day--Boyfriend jeans, chunky sweater, nice scarf, maybe even a cute hat, and of course, add some additional accessories (if you like) such as jewelry and a purse or clutch. Now that you're aware that it's acceptable, try it for yourself as a new fall look! Interested in the white loafers shown above? Check them out here

Monday, September 9, 2013

Introducing TNEMNRODA x Greene Soap Co.

Sooooo I hand-make soap (in case you didn't know)... It's something I've been doing for a while, but not for sale (strictly for hobby of course) and recently, I was approached by the owner of TNEMNRODA (an ultra chic accessories/jewelry line based here in NYC) with the idea of collaborating on a limited edition soap. I met her (Samantha Smikle) months ago and sent her some of my soaps in exchange for a lovely midi ring... turns out she liked them and here we are many months later with the birth of our Belle & Homme soaps by yours truly (Sam & I). Hey, it's fashion week and we're introducing our fashionable soaps collab that will leave your skin feeling fashionably phenomenal after showering or simply washing your hands with them, and if you're not sold by that very statement, I don't know what to tell ya... just kidding, kinda... but seriously, we think you'll love it because we sure do... it was made with love (how fashionable is that?!) for goodness sake!

The Belle blend

The Belle bar has a very sweet yet sensual smell, which includes:

rose oil - healing properties such as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, help refines skin texture
lavender oil - relaxes the mind & skin
dried lavender flowers - calming effects with a mild exfoliant
vanilla oil - aphrodisiac, antidepressant, antioxidant
honey - healing properties such as antiseptic, can treat acne & eczema
food coloring
glycerin - moisturizing & skin protectant
shea butter - moisturizing, anti-aging, skin protectant, healing agent
body shimmer powder

The Homme blend

The Homme bar has a sweet yet spicy smell to it, which includes:

orange extract - brightening & anti-aging
tangerine oil - mind boosting, antiseptic, purifying, skin refining
shea butter - moisturizing, anti-aging, skin protectant, healing agent
nutmeg - anti-aging & refreshing (circulation stimulant)
cinnamon - purifying
rose oil - healing properties such as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, help refines skin texture
eucalyptus oil - healing agent & stress relief
honey - healing properties such as antiseptic, can treat acne & eczema
glycerin - moisturizing & skin protectant
food coloring

The TNEMNRODA x Greene Soap Co. limited edition soaps were first introduced at AfroPunk this year

Hurry, there are literally only 20 bars (that were handcrafted with love, haha) now left and they are limited edition, meaning these are available only until these last bars are sold and are not available any where else... To check them out or to grab 'em before they're gone, click here

For any Greene Soap Co. inquiries or if you have questions or suggestions, email greenesoap[at] (website coming soon)
Check out TNEMNRODA's lovely designs at

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

AfroPunk Recap

I arrived at like 10:30am (before it opened) to visit a vendor friend Samantha of Tnemnroda. It was the perfect weather--sunny, breezy, warm. 

           Me and my beau.

         The lovely staff...

       Lovely Samantha of Tnemnroda! 

Soooo I dropped off handmade soap for our new collab... check it here

I love lavender--perfect addition to her designs

     The crowd.

It was a really nice time and to see so many people of various cultures come out for something that is intended to become a movement (social and political) was a beautiful thing. If you happen to be in NY next summer, definitely check it out next time.