Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bag Ladies

I had the pleasure of modeling a second time for Vavvoune, a handmade leather goods company created by my homie Val Blaise (@vavvoune). It was captured by my homeboy (haha, I love that word) Shen Williams (@shendig27), who's an amazing photographer. Val and I were actually discussing how he's so poppin' and doesn't even know it haha, but anyway, I'm obsessed with my cream leather drawstring bag I have--It's literally the perfect size that takes me from day-to-night...just like that! Her bags are amazing...check out her latest collection below along with some behind the scenes.

           Me & Tierra (@info.tierra)


There were more, but I don't have them...I need a shot of Val and Shen!!!

To see more of her handbags or to shop, visit

Friday, May 13, 2016

Not so Grey Gardens...

While in LA, I stayed at a cute little studio guest house in the Silverlake/Echo Park neighborhood. Can I tell you how I absolutely fell in love with the garden at this place?! It was so darling. There was even a small tomato and herb garden within the garden, but I was specifically obsessed with the Sea Lavender plants (Limonium)—they feel like tissue paper and are sooooo beautiful. In conclusion, this is the first place I’d consider moving to outside of NY.

Shirt - Vintage, Jeans - Top Shop, Shoes - Addidas

Blouse - Vintage, Necklace - Lazaro Jewelry (Silver Spring, MD)

Jeans - Zara

Shoes - Birckenstock

Photos by Bradley Valentin