Wednesday, September 17, 2014

In the Street

I spent an afternoon with my homie, Chérmelle of The Coffeetographer (she also took these photos of me). It was during fashion week and it was pouring rain. We stopped at a place for coffee (of course) while we chatted about fashion, photography, style, life in New York City, some of our goals and even some projects in the works. Then, we did what we're both pretty good at—thrifting! We stopped at No Relation Vintage in the LES. She found a few items and I didn't, but I'll be back there for some furs. We came to a conclusion that there is no time like now to go out and take over the world (or at least try), share our stories, meet new faces, be fabulous, be passionate, hold onto the grit, and just live. We're creatives, we're artists, and we're "surviving artists." 

Blouse + Bag = Vintage 
Sweater = knitted by my grandma

Skirt = Vintage
Shoes = Zara

Photos by: Chermelle Edwards

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Croma by Heart & Noble

 The lovely Croma Collection by Heart & Noble display. 

 I absolutely loved these necklaces. 

 Cristina Gabriele, the designer extraordinaire of Heart & Noble.

 "We will have heart / We will be noble"

I have to admit that this was one of the best presentations I attended this season. The amount of detail that went into the presentation was absolutely amazing—the all-white background of the thousands of post-its covering the entire venue (Flat 128) from ceiling to floor paired with the mother-in-law tongue/sansevieria plants next to the cylinder vases were so uniquely placed. It was the perfect combo for the avant-garde Croma collection. I absolutely fell in love with each piece from this collection—especially the necklaces, which reminded me of Shakespeare x the Edwardian era x outer space. It has a familiar vintage shape yet a very futuristic modern look and design. Each piece is phenomenally crafted by Cristina Gabriele, who came from a fine jewelry background, but recently transitioned to these conceptual and uniquely beautiful designs. To learn more about the Croma collection, visit

Meden SS15

What a fun trench that I'd personally wear as a dress!

Love this boyish look. 

The bubble shape reminds me a tad of the 60s.

I must admit I love the modern futuristic look of of Meden's SS15 designs. Something about them just screams "clean" to me. Although the designs are minimalist chic and modern, the lightweight flowing fabrics of organza, tulle, and chiffon are refreshingly classic for spring. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014


I discovered this song earlier this year and have literally been obsessed since. It tells a story and it's humble. We are all human... we go through shit, we learn from it, we become stronger, sometimes we don't--sometimes it breaks us. I believe it's always the small things that are most meaningful and that taking time to stop and smell the flowers is okay in a world that is so transient (especially in this age).