Wednesday, September 17, 2014

In the Street

I spent an afternoon with my homie, Chérmelle of The Coffeetographer (she also took these photos of me). It was during fashion week and it was pouring rain. We stopped at a place for coffee (of course) while we chatted about fashion, photography, style, life in New York City, some of our goals and even some projects in the works. Then, we did what we're both pretty good at—thrifting! We stopped at No Relation Vintage in the LES. She found a few items and I didn't, but I'll be back there for some furs. We came to a conclusion that there is no time like now to go out and take over the world (or at least try), share our stories, meet new faces, be fabulous, be passionate, hold onto the grit, and just live. We're creatives, we're artists, and we're "surviving artists." 

Blouse + Bag = Vintage 
Sweater = knitted by my grandma

Skirt = Vintage
Shoes = Zara

Photos by: Chermelle Edwards

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