Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bag Ladies

I had the pleasure of modeling a second time for Vavvoune, a handmade leather goods company created by my homie Val Blaise (@vavvoune). It was captured by my homeboy (haha, I love that word) Shen Williams (@shendig27), who's an amazing photographer. Val and I were actually discussing how he's so poppin' and doesn't even know it haha, but anyway, I'm obsessed with my cream leather drawstring bag I have--It's literally the perfect size that takes me from day-to-night...just like that! Her bags are amazing...check out her latest collection below along with some behind the scenes.

           Me & Tierra (@info.tierra)


There were more, but I don't have them...I need a shot of Val and Shen!!!

To see more of her handbags or to shop, visit

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