Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thanks Peculiar Artistry!

 I like trees, hehe... pretty ones!

 This door was just "IT"... I wanted to take it with me (smh). 

Surprisingly (but maybe not such a surprise), this was my first time in Central Park... ha!

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clothing: vintage acdc t-shirt, vintage african skirt, diba boots, h&m coat, hoop earrings from a craft fair, h&m scarf

Two weeks ago, I had the awesome opportunity to hang out with (and be featured by) my friends & favorite couple—Stacey & Jahri, the Peculiar Artistry duo (power couple on the rise), are absolutely delightful to work with & in general! They're super coooool & they made me look pretty neat (since I'm mostly a mess), which was wonderful. Check out their blog, it's a great resource for finding new artists, talent, & just simply amazing individuals. Thanks again, guys xoxoxo!

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