Wednesday, November 13, 2013

In Retrospect

Looking back... Three years ago, I moved to New York City with the mindset of pursuing fashion. Fashion anything—styling, editing, design, blogging, whatever. I was hungry for fashion (and still am to a different degree). I took on a small freelance project as a contributor for the then BoomFoundry (which no longer exists), lifestyle site about music, culture, media, and of course, fashion. I wrote an article on why it's a great idea to "go [vintage]," and mainly discussing the green initiatives behind the whole vintage clothing craze. For this specific article, I thought it'd be cool to actually style a model in all vintage clothing, but with a modern eye. Malin of Malin Landaeus Vintage boutique in Williamsburg, Brooklyn actually allowed me to sort through her archives room filled with the most God-sent vintage ranging from the Victorian era all the way to the '80s. Anyway, the photos above were the outcome.

Photographer: Anthony Michael Rom
Model: Patricia (Glow Model Management)
Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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