Thursday, February 20, 2014

8 Cool Ways to Wear a Scarf...

Oh, and by scarves, we mean vintage ones... Just kidding, but seriously. After an afternoon of playing dress up, drinking tea, and playing with my friend (and wardrobe stylist) Naomi's dog, we decided to finally get down to business (in other words, SCARVES)!

We know all of you tend to have these things just laying around (like literally), so why not make use? We've decided to share with you a couple of ways we actually like wearing them... not just for fun, but because they're plain awesome. This is New York, so we GOTTA get crafty and by the way, we're not limiting this craftiness to just New Yorkers (if you happen to live in the 'burbs or an island somewhere random, that's cool too).

1. The Turban

Although we've seen this style done many times over, do you ever really get tired of it? We think not!
Use a large scarf. Fold into triangle. 
Bottom of folded piece should be at nape of your neck and tie towards the front. Wrap and tuck under loose pieces and...

Voila! A pretty turban... especially great for bad hair days!
(If these directions are hard to follow, you can always find a how-to video on google, haha)

2. Wrap-Around 
(aka the traditional way, except it can be used to replace a necklace)
Ummm, yeah... this is pretty much self-explanatory. 
Just wrap & tuck under.

I happen to wear them like this on a daily in place of a necklace.

3. Layer-up 
Start with tying one around your neck (cowboy/western style).

Choose another one that compliments the first and stack it on top of the other. 
Blazer - Bum-Cake Vintage
Looks great with a blazer or even a leather moto jacket. You can even take it a step further and add a 3rd or you can maybe twist the 2 scarves together before wrapping around your neck to give it a necklace look/feel. 

4. The Headband
Why not? 
Twist/fold the scarf (depending on how wide you want it) and wrap around your head... secure it by tying it or tucking it under (like shown above). For a more cutesy femme sort of look, you can tie into a bow. 

Since I wear my hair natural and it tends to get messy, I'll just tie a scarf like shown above when I'm lazy and don't wanna deal and tie my hair back in a loose ponytail. Boom—call it a day. 

5. The Necklace
This obviously works well with thinner scarves. You can always twist a regular wide one though to make it thinner. 
Literally just tie into a knot or bow just as Naomi demonstrated above. This is great because you can make it as tight or loose as you want.

It's definitely a statement piece and you can wear it to dress an outfit up or to add that extra "oomph"... Naomi's rockin' it with her awesome harem pants x sheer blouse x strapped heels x chic Jackie-O style glasses. 

6. Belt It
Tie it around your waist—feel free to let it hang loose or...
Tie it in a bow/knot. 
Letting it hang loose is a little too "gypsy" for me, so I wear it in a bow or even a knot. I don't wear much jewelry, so a belt is needed. 
Love this scarf? Check it out

7. The Bow tie
This is a pretty easy and quick way to add a bold piece to your outfit as well (we're referring to the pics below--the one above is just the type of scarf you'd start with).

Tie it as you would tie a bow (kinda like shoe laces, if that makes sense). Make an edgy outfit more formal with this bow tie (the way Naomi styled it)--badass, but still classy.

 Great part about this style is that it replaces a necklace as well. Oh and it's also lookin' very MJ "Smooth Criminal" in the best possible chic way ever. Naomi rocks.
Love this scarf? Check it out

8. The Bracelet (a charming arm)
Listen, if you're into wearing a lot of crap (not really crap, but ya know) on your arms like I do when I'm feeling froggy (and by froggy I mean fantastic), why not add a scarf? Wrap it around your wrist and tie into a bow or knot. Bam! You gotta scarf cuff? Or bracelet. 

In conclusion, scarves are cool. Scarves are fun. Scarves are fearless. Scarves are easy. Oh, and did I mention they're always laying around somewhere, so they're super accessible. 

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And... The End. 

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