Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What We WOULD Have Worn...

So another year has gone by and once again, I missed Coachella. I'm lame. This time, my stylist friend Naomi also missed it. What's even twice as sad is that we also missed Art Basel AND SXSW... like WTF?! We are officially dedicating the rest of the year to making sure all 3 of these festivals are on the calendar (in person) for next year. I know... This isn't the first time you've heard this from me before... Anyway, these were our prospective outfits...


Oh, this is just me in a lil' cotton paradise.
You may think this is a little on the conservative side given the fact that most people were nearly naked at Coachella, BUT I get cold easily and it gets better...

And here you have it--my grandmother's vintage nightgown from like the 60's. It's my boho dream come true. 

Oh, and my gran gave me this brooch too... She wore this back in the day, so I thought I'd add it to the back of the gown.

It's 100% cotton too... keepin' me cool to the core. 

Do you get it now? The detail is everything. Embroidery heaven. I'm telling you, you haven't lived until you've worn your grandmother's vintage night gown... or just a gown of hers in general... or a vintage piece of clothing from any woman in your family... I guess. 

This is just Naomi in a lil' printed euphoric state. 
Bam! Holy Prints! She's doing Coachella the raw, colorful, carefree way... aka the RIGHT way!

Naomi would rock the original awesome Coachella look, but with cool NYC edge to it--
leopard x ikat x crochet = glorious. 

 In case your eyes couldn't fully comprehend the mixed awesomeness... see it up close and personal!
 Oh, and not to mention the suede navy boots... you're not "Coachella certified" unless you're rockin' boots! These boots of course, were made for walkin' and other festival activities. 

Hat: h&m, Shades: Cole Haan, Top: LF, Vest: boutique in Maui, Shorts: urban outfitters, Boots: Nordstrom  

Do you get it now? Again, it's all about the detail. You died and went to prints heaven. I mean that's how the [crochet] crumbles. 


 First of all, who says you can't wear fur to Miami? Well, they're wrong! 

 I would totally wear fur to Miami. I don't know, but it just seems right! I'm sure it would feel right too.

 It's all about mixing prints per usual. In this case, vintage x vintage = fab. 

 Got the top from my friend Keith--it's JPG (Jean Paul Gaultier) in the 90s!! The 70s skirt I bought from Admirable Stylz Vintage and it's also fab. 

Up close, it kind of looks like art, which is why this ensemble WOULD have been perfect for the occasion known as Art Basel. [sighs]

 For the love of lace... Where have you been all my life?!

 Oh, and knee-high leather Dolce Vita boots in Miami? Sure thing! Why the hell not? As a stylist, Naomi breaks and makes the rules... all the damn time.

 She's cool as a cucumber in the club master style glasses, BUT still ladylike with the femme of everything else!

 Reminder: You haven't lived unless you've worn a lace dress. Seriously, it gives us life.
Shades & Dress by Urban Outfitters

The gloves and the clutch is what puts the icing on this cake. Gloves are from Patricia Fields store in NYC and the clutch is H&M. 


 When in doubt, just wear tiger printed anything... not really, but in this case, absolutely!

 In the future, when I happen to make it to SXSW, I'm not fully sure what to expect or what to wear, so I figured you can't go wrong with a chill dress and boots. Does it say "Texas"? No. Does it scream "hell yeah!!"? Yes.... Done. 

 And done again.

 Oh, this dress is for sale by the way... check it out HERE.

 I think Naomi is definitely more SXSW ready than I would be. Her outfit says "I'm dope," but also "I'm chillin'"... and this my friend, is just the right amount of fashion x style, but effortless at the same time.

 This is seriously concert chic--prints x prints x sporty kicks x sporty hat x aviators = a real G (which can never be a bad thing). 

If you can bring a Cali chill style to Texas with little effort, it's a win! 
Hat: 47 Brand, Shades: Armani, Shirt: Bum-Cake

This is how to achieve a SXSW look. You do it with some street style, but also grace. 

In conclusion, we'll be there next year!
Stay tuned...

To contact Naomi, check out her tumblr: nrmstyles.tumblr.com or email her at nrmstyles[at]gmail.com

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