Thursday, September 3, 2015

Afropunk 2015, Brooklyn

I've decided to really start blogging again because I have a lot of things I'd like to share with people and just things I find interesting that I feel others will too. I wanted to start small with this little simple post about Afropunk this year. I don't have many pics because I spent most of my time taking in the scenery and just enjoying it. 

Anyway, this marked my 3rd year attending Afropunk and I have to say it was really cool bringing my siblings with me this time. I missed Saturday this year, but I was able to go on Sunday. Below are just a few snapshots (camera phone pics) mostly from the early part of the day when there was barely a crowd. 

My bro Zach and sis Mia. They also had school the next day.

Mia at the awesome Carol's Daughter booth. 

This lady had the coolest headbands and natural hair t-shirts. 

Handmade awesomeness. 

The designer herself.

I also bought amazing handmade soap from the Blue Bee Bars booth. Our selfie of course.

Loved the statements on these shirts... 


The message. Graffiti by Rising Red Lotus @risingredlotus

The lovely Jasmine Nichole. She's pretty & talented.

Maureen Saturne of Indivijewel & a friend.

Watching Lenny from afar.

Me & bae. pic from

I have to admit this was much different from the previous fests I've attended. More commercial than before, more vendors, less performances, probably the same amount of people and just as many beautiful black faces if not more. Also, I really wish there were more punk rock performances because the 2014 fest had an entire stage dedicated to punk rock bands and even had the mini skate ramps set up. 

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