Sunday, April 3, 2016

Warming up

So here's the deal... I'm absolutely obsessed with wearing reds or warm colors all over my face--eyes, lips, cheeks. I'm feeling really inspired by the boldness from the 80s--red eye shadow and pink lips or vice versa. Most people look back and kinda think "gross...I hate 80s makeup--it was all too much in all the wrong places," but I kinda look back and think "I actually kinda like it like it...minus the frosted eyes and cheeks, I like it." 

Obviously, I'm not going to apply and wear it exactly like the 80s, but I'm definitely inspired and am wearing similar colors but with a modern twist. How do you make it modern? Everything should be matte--not a single frosted anything or shimmer to the look. 

For starters, apply everything lightly--you can always add more if needed or wanted. My current look includes, a matte golden yellow on the eyes followed by either a brick red or a coral shade--all matte (loving MAC's small shadows in "red brick" and "goldenrod") ...dust it all over the eyelids. 

Then I add a light rouge gloss to the cheeks (really diggin' Anna Sui's rouge pot). Finishing it off with a red lip stain (MAC's new Versicolour lip stains are perfect--resilient rouge is what I'm wearing) or a matte pink lipstick (my go to is MAC's Flat out Fabulous)--choose one or the other. That's it. Very simple. Straightforward. No tutorial needed. Just put the damn colors on lightly--never heavy. 

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