Friday, December 5, 2014

Vaunt & Sol SS15

Back in October, I had the wonderful pleasure of attending Vaunt & Sol's S/S 2015 presentation in the meatpacking district. I absolutely loved what I saw. From the exotic flowers that were placed around the room to the yummy cocktails and mini meringues served, it was the perfect accent to Najva Sol & Nicole Vaunt's femme yet strikingly bold and powerful collection. Take a look...

 Check out the gold & denim pieces to the right--the harem pants were amazing and this photo doesn't do it justice. Not sure what the long ruby flowers were called, but I was obsessed with these arrangements placed throughout the room.

The lovely Najva Sol, co-founder & designer of Vaunt & Sol

I love the back to this dress from the collection. It's as if someone painted a portrait on a dress. Fine art meets fine fashion. 

Those are the perfect harem pants mentioned previously. I also really like that statement hoodie--very soft denim fabric, so it's very wearable.

 I really liked their outfits. 

 I'm also obsessed with these blouses and the dress. Very Lower East Side chic, but in an honest way. 

This was my favorite outfit--there's such an understated elegance to it that I appreciate. I would add this to my staple wardrobe. Also, those sleeves aren't rolled, they're designed to give that illusion, which is pretty awesome. 

The lovely cake and super delicious meringues made by Breanne Butler (ByBreanne)

Overall, the collection was perfect for the upcoming season and for this city, it's so demure yet badass at the same time, which was unexpectedly intriguing. I also loved the intimate presentation of it--it was nice to escape from the rest of the world for a bit.

For more information on Vaunt & Sol, visit their site:

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