Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Version of a Sweater Dress

I've seen a lot of "sweater dresses" in stores lately and in magazines and I'm not saying they aren't great, but I have a simpler version I like to wear and it's basically a men's sweater worn as a dress and paired with tights or knee high socks. It can be worn as an oversized top or as a dress, it can be inexpensive, and most importantly, it's straight to the point. 

Seriously, consider wearing your dude's sweater as a dress. 

It also makes me feel tougher. Not sure why, but it just does, hehe. 

Oh, the coat and the sweater are for sale on or Etsy

The coat is a grape colored tweed and the sweater is a mix of violet and navy with a honeycomb print. 

Postin' up.

Sweater can be found here or etsy
Coat can be found here or etsy
Knee highs are Steve Madden
Boots & earrings are vintage

 Back in Bedstuy. 

 Tompkins Ave. 


Photos by Bradley Valentin

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