Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mad Max

It's funny that I happen to be writing a post about fur when literally up until this moment, I wasn't the biggest fan. I felt like fur was something I would only wear on a special occasion or that it was one of those things I could only rock when I'm feeling super feisty or something like that, but I was wrong. A fur coat is almost like a leather jacket (which I also didn't like until about 2 weeks ago)—you have to find the one that speaks to you. The one that looks great, fits great, feels great...etc. It's an investment piece—gets better as it ages, gains even more character over the years and can always be sold for more as long as kept in good condition. My friend Kristina and I tried on a few pieces we found at Maximilian in Bloomingdale's on 59th. See the winners below...

The first she tried on...

Chinchilla on top and lamb on the bottom. Necklaces made by Kristina...did I mention she's a designer?

I personally loved this one the most on her and in general. The leather stripe shearling coat

Kristina demonstrating the "rich" lady laugh. Jewelry designed by her.

This coat has its own character.

This was the only coat I tried on because it called my name. It felt so right.

It felt true to me. Its feathered fox fur blended with my hair. It was an amazing coat.

This was the time to introduce an alter ego. I'm foxy...literally. 

My awkward stare. Don't take it personal.


Muah. Just call her "Sheila". 

Also, sorry for the poor quality pics—I took these with my iphone. Next time, I'll use a real cam.

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