Thursday, December 15, 2016

Getting Even

Over the last year, I’ve been actively trying to find different skin care products that will help even my skin tone and lighten my acne scars. I’ve gone through dozens of serums (in addition to all the cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and masks) and these are the ones that are currently working for me. I use 2 in the morning and 2 at night before I apply my moisturizer. Check ‘em out...

These are my winners. 

This one from Klurskin (Ultra Bright Hyaluronic + Vitamin C Serum) is actually one of my first serums ever. It's perfect for everyday--I use this one in the morning after/on top of my Glossier one, but before my moisturizer. This really lightened my dark marks on my forehead and cheeks.

This Glossier Super Glow serum is super lightweight--has the same texture as water. I use this one in the morning after I cleanse, but before my Klurskin serum. Sometimes I use this at night as well. I noticed it dramatically lightened slight dark circles under my eyes. 

I bought this 111 SKIN Celestial Black Diamond contour gel/serum from Space NK and I initially got it because the salesperson said I had frown lines and that this would help, but it also helps even skin tone because of the retinol and other things in it and depuffs my eyes. I keep the applicator in the fridge, so that I can apply it to depuff my eyes. It was super expensive, but it honestly makes my face look and feel like a dream. I use it at night before I put on the Darphin face oil. 

This is more of a face oil, but I still consider it a serum. This Darphin Niaouli Aromatic Care oil is sooooo soothing. I put it on at night after the 111 SKIN serum. It feels and smells really good. I noticed it actually cleared up my skin while keeping it moisturized. It has a slight tingling/menthol-ish feeling too, which I love. 

Even though black don't crack, I still feel like I needed something more to keep my skin as vibrant as it was in my early 20s (as I approach my 30s). I think my regimen is working. My skin is getting clearer and more even-toned as I age and I think it's with great help of the wonderful skincare products I keep stumbling upon. I encourage everyone to really get in the habit of good skincare--you'll thank yourself 10 years from now.

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