Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cloudy Days

I'm wearing my fave Victorian-inspired vintage blouse from the 1980's (by Sonya Ratay)

Obviously the weather was bad... peep the hair, ugh!

My good 'ol faithful maxi dress from the early 90's

This was obviously a serious moment... just kidding, but she happened to shoot this with a piece of crystal in front of the lens to get this cool effect and not photoshop... pretty cool, huh? :-p

Photos by: Michelle Smyth

A couple months ago, on a cold and rainy day in Brooklyn, photographer Michelle Smyth and I spent the afternoon taking these pics! It was probably one of the most chill, laid back shoots I've ever been a part of—we chatted about girl stuff, drank tea... It was great! I must say that her photography has a solemn yet pure type of vibe, which is pretty cool. Check out more of Michelle's work at MichelleSmyth.com.


  1. you look amazing as always! love how you rock the 90s maxi!

  2. I love these photos, you're so edibley gorgeous!The links are broken by the way, its http://michellesmythe.com/