Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I heart David

Don't you just LOVE David?!! Aaaaggghhhhh... (don't mind me...)
Not to be soooooo "cliche," but "muah—smooches" 
Writer's block on the ad libs, but whatev... 

Photos by: Sade Craig

Outfit: T-shirt- Vintage (and for sale), shorts- h&m, tights- dkny, heels- zara, necklace- vintage, hoops- craft fair fresh, purse- hot red and vintage 

So apparently "I <3 David"... and you're probably thinking "Who the heck is David"? Well by David, I mean Bradley haha. Anyway, this is a 1980's vintage t-shirt that I surprisingly found in Brooklyn. Yes, it's for sale and no, I don't wear this as my own—I just modeled it this one time. I really love that there are numbers on the back like a jersey (it's the perfect detail to add). The letters and the heart on the front are kind of velvety too, which is pretty nice. Got questions? Email me: christiana [at]

Oh, one more thing... this was shot when it was still cold out, soooooo please disregard the tights, haha.

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