Friday, June 7, 2013

Spotted: Sade Craig

 Name: Sadé Craig
Occupation/What you’re great at: I'm a Technical Operations Coordinator for NBCUniversal Archive Sales. However, I have love for capturing and editing abstract video and portraits.
Where are you from? Pasadena, MD
Where do you live? Long Island City, NY
Vintage Red/White Polka Dot Blouse by Halston + 1960's Pastel Drop Earrings
 What do you love most about your neighborhood?
Since I'm a suburban lady, I love how my neighborhood is a little more low-key and quiet than midtown Manhattan. Long Island City is just a few stops away from midtown and while it's an easy escape from the heavy hustle and bustle of the city, one will find that this neighborhood holds a variety of trendy European influence. I really enjoy the cute cafe's of multicultural expression, trendy restaurants, vintage stores and organic produce shops. One may say that the current NY trend for most is to explore various areas of Brooklyn, but Long Island City will forever be my gem. 
What kind of music have you been listening to lately? 
I'm a huge fan of Neo-Soul! Lately, I've been jamming to my older Dwele, Jill Scott, Vikter Duplaix & Liv Warfield CDs. 
 How would you describe your style? 
My style consists of a lot of warm earth tones. I love pairing a bright color with warm tones because it gives a pop to my style and looks very put-together. 
Who’s your style inspirer? 
My style inspirer is my maternal grandmother. She had such a range of great style that was very classy, reasonable, sexy & colorful! I'm lucky to say that I have a few of her vintage jewelry that I extremely value! 
1980's Multicolor Dotted White Dress + 1950's Golden Clutch
 Why do you like wearing vintage? 
Vintage pieces are so classic and well-crafted. It holds quality and represents a time capsule, so to add a vintage piece to your wardrobe presents a mix of quality and spunk to your attire & shows that you really have a taste for something better than the current cycle of distribution.
Early 90's Green Dotted Button Down Dress + 1950's Black Velvet Clutch
 What's your favorite vintage item? 
My favorite vintage item is my pea-green, leather Bottega Veneta handbag. The face of the leather is basket-weaved so it really stands out, plus it's the perfect size to hold all I need to get me throughout the day. 
If your weren’t in NYC, you’d be: 
Traveling and enjoy time with my family in MD.
How do you keep your hair so fab?
I give a lot of love and care to my hair every day. My actual secret is my prize possession – a red, heavy duty comb, passed down from my great-grandmother to me. The teeth on this comb is like no other and it really shapes my hair just the way I like it!  [Side Note: No, I do not allow anyone to touch this comb! AHAHA.]  My long, soft, wavy hair requires a lot of detangling and alcohol-free products to keep the frizz down. I really enjoy using BioSilk when straightening or spiral curling my hair to lock the curl in place and to help reveal a nice shine. On the days when I crave to keep my natural texture, Herbal Essence mousse does the trick! 
1970's  Handmade Red Multicolor Dotted Dress
 Anyone you’d LOVE to meet in your field of work? 
I'd love to meet Good Morning America's Desk Anchor, Robin Roberts. She is such an inspiration and perfect example of strength!
Anything else you’d like to say? 
Thank you Bum_cake for allowing me to share a piece of me on your wonderful vintage site. This experience was a ton of fun and I love every unique item that's available for purchase on your site! Keep up the great work! :) 

All of the pieces from this mini collection will be available online starting Monday 6.10.13. 

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