Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Adorn yourself.

Adorn was launched a few weeks ago and I forgot I never shared the whole story behind it with everyone outside of friends, family, and the beautiful influencers I reached out to. I guess it's better later than never...

The Adorn collection was designed using vintage trim from the 60s through 80s. This collection is inspired by summertime in the 70s. These chokers are limited edition since there are only 5 or less of each design. Although they’re inspired by a retro summer, these chokers can easily be worn through fall and winter—adding a pop of color to your outfit or subdued nudeness for everyday. They can be worn alone or you can stack them for a bolder look. Adorn was captured by Brooklyn-based photographer Shen Williams (@shendig27) and modeled by Valerie Blaise and Jazmin LaBrie. Bum-Cake’s Adorn collection is playfully chic with many retro colors like mustard, amber, mahogany, salmon, among others. Similar to Bum-Cake’s previous collections, these pieces are to be worn with confidence. They come in 2 sizes—small and medium/large. They are $18 each (with free shipping) and range from polyester and rayon to cotton and silk blended fabrics.

See the look book below or click here

Hope you enjoyed this and I hope you like the chokers, to shop the collection, click here.

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